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UKIP give a pre-emptive ‘No’ to Gloucester MP, Richard Graham

by Barry

At a time where defection to UKIP from the Conservative Party is the fashionable thing to do, what does it say about the quality of a Tory MP when UKIP tells you that you’re not wanted.  That is just what has happened to Richard Graham.  In a comment on Richards day 1 summary of the Tory Party Conference, the Chairman of Gloucester UKIP, Mike Smith, said “I do hope Mr Graham has no thoughts of defecting to us!”  

While Mr Graham may have no intention of defecting, (though with the stepping back of the current UKIP candidate, there is clearly a position) to be told no before even asking sends a clear message about what even UKIP think about his tenure as an MP.  Here is a shocker, for once I agree with UKIP, lets tell Richard Graham ‘No’ in May and elect Sophy Gardner to do a proper job.

UKIP says no to RG - dont


trollhunterx October 2, 2014 - 2:15 pm

I’m relieved that Mike Smith feels that way, although I worry that the party central mght go over his head if Graham did take the opportunistic route (he certainly wouldn’t do it out of principle).

I’m fairly confident that Sophy Gardner would be accepted into the fold, though, even if she has been leery about answering questions on how she earned that chestful of medals. And let’s be clear, I’m not complaining that she might have served in Iraq behind a desk. I’d almost prefer that, honestly. It’s just the reticence to clarify that makes me wonder if constituents would get more of the same, just like we did from our last two MPs.

Mike Smith October 2, 2014 - 10:14 pm

Yes, we MIGHT consider Sophy – if she disowned the lies her party keeps telling about UKIP’s policies (regurgitated by the Labour rep on Question Time tonight). After all, unlike most modern day politicians, she had a proper job before entering politics. Moreover, UKIP has very strong policies to support our Armed Forces Veterans!



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