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Should we ‘Unite’ over the Olympics?

by Barry

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The General Secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey, has said that the Olympics could be targeted as an oppotunity for strikes and general Civil Disobedience.  While I agree that the right to strike is important and the strikes to date have done a great deal to highlight how people feel, I do think this call is out-of-order and Mr McCluskey should really evaluate his own statements and at the very least withdraw them, if not apologise for trying to scaremonger around what should be a proud event showcasing the ‘Best of British’.

We should be attacking the reforms that are being pus

hed through such as the dismantling of the NHS, the funding issues within our schools, the way the Economy is floundering, the lack of support for SME’s – there are so many issues out there that people should not be spending time threatening what are the few good things that are going on!

I was pleased to see all parties distancing themselves from his statement, as well as other unions, and rightly so.   I think that London hosting the Olympics is a great opportunity and really should not be used as a political football.  He is entitled to his opinion, but I hope next time he decides to make a statement like this, he thinks through the ramifications before he speaks (or as my dad says “engage brain before engaging mouth”).


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Richard Bard March 1, 2012 - 9:52 am

As a member of Unite & it’s forerunners for over 40 years & as someone who thinks the Olympics have been blown up out of all proportion & should return to being a sporting event & not a corperate entertainment extravaganza, I would like to distance myself from Mr McCluskey’s remarks.

What an idiot.

Mark R March 1, 2012 - 10:44 am

Would be interesting to find out if he has tickets to the event! Pure scaremongering and a stupid way to go about the whole issue.


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