Votes at 16 – Why not…

Published On January 24, 2013 » 1119 Views» Politics

I have thought quite a lot on about the prospect of 16-18 year olds getting the vote and I honestly can’t see any real reason why they shouldn’t.  Lets face it, at 16 you can do many life changing things, including start a family, make huge decisions about your future in terms of education and employment so why on earth should you not also have a say in the decisions being made on you behalf?

Many people say that 16 year olds do not have the “life awareness” and are not mature enough.  I think that is rubbish, having spoken to many 16-18 year olds, both face to face and on social media, it is clear that those who want to engage are very informed and there is a drive for independant thought in who they want to vote for, rather than just who their parents vote for.  And in comparison, I have had as many “immature” discussions with people old enough to vote to really bust the argument.

I look forward to when it comes in.

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  1. Spungletrumpet says:

    Old enough to pay tax = Old enough to vote.

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