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Walk – Pie – Pint – Done! Mens Walk 2011

by Barry

After an early and wet start, the Mens walk turned out to be a fantastic event, where we got to take in the sights of Gloucester, raise a whole lot of money for Cotswold Care Hospice, have a pie and a pint and then watch Gloucester ‘slay’ Newport Dragons and England beat Scotland.

Waking up to the soft patter of rain on the window, I thought we could have been in for a miserable morning, but having gone and picked up Rich and Louis, we got to Kingsholm in good time to see the light rain stop and for us to join the large crowd of men who were registering for the walk.

Issued with Number, map and T Shirt we got ready to go.  Phil Vickery, with Mark Cummings (BBC Gloucestershire Breakfast) started the walk at 9am.

We piled out of Kingsholm and headed to the Docks.  After wishing I had thought ahead and ordered a breakfast toastie from On Toast, I lusted after some of the boats that were moored up.  However we could not stop and made it through the docks and made our way to Stroud Road.

Up Stroud Road, onto Finlay Road then down to Eastern Avenue.  It doesn’t say much when you type it quickly, but it was great to see over 700 men walking in a big group, making their way for charity.

To keep us entertained (and maybe on the route and out of the pub) the organisers encouraged us to collect letters on the route, which would spell out 2 words at the end.  Without the words we could not get beer and pie, therefore motivation was assured.

Getting back into Kingsholm, we finished the walk with a tour of the pitch and to the roar of the crowd (I’m sure there would have been a roar if they had been there that early).  Then into Shogun bar to re-register, and get our vouchers for a Pie and a Pint.


Never has a pint of Worthingtons and a Steak pie tasted so good 🙂

After a much enjoyed sit down, it was out to the West Stand to watch Gloucester beat Newport Dragons.  And what a great game that was.  We finished off the afternoon by watching England beat Scotland (but not in the most convincing manner it has to be said).

All in all, a really great day.  Thank you to those who sponsored me, and for those of you that didn’t but now regret it, Rich and I have decided that we are doing it again next year so you will get your chance then.

Now for what should be a good nights sleep 🙂

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