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The many ways to listen to Severn FM just keep growing

by Barry

With Severn FM being web-based, the biggest issue we face is making it accessible for everyone to listen and ensuring people know how to listen.  FM does have the advantage that, provided you’re in the broadcast area, you just tune your FM radio and your done.  But it is just so expensive to do.  Whereas the internet does enable us to get out there at a lower cost, but it relies on people being receptive to listening through “other means”.

Being on the internet, the obvious way is to go to the website (www.severnfm.com) and it will play there.

We also developed an app for the Android family of smartphones, so those people who have one can use the custom app to listen and interact.

For those of Apple persuasion, there is already out there an app called Tunein which is a generic radio app, but you can find Severn FM on there and save it.

However we were getting a lot of demand to listen to shows again, either because some shows are a bit early or late, or just people want to relive the high (or low) points of a particular show, so Andy has developed the listen again capability on the website and so presenters will be able to add their shows.  Currently there is all the Severn Bore Breakfast Shows, the Parish Shows and now the Late Night Love Shack and as we get the process sorted, more of the shows will be appearing soon.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also starting to Podcast shows so they appear in the iTunes Podcast – If you search for Severn FM in iTunes then you will find the Severn Bore Breakfast show.

Finally, we are now listed in the iTunes radio section.  If you look under adult contemporary, we are one of just 310 stations listed.

So I think we are getting more accessible!!  That is not to say we would not do FM if we could – however it costs around £3000 to put on a months FM broadcasting, and under our current licensing we could only do that twice a year anyway.  If we could get a community radio licence then it is much cheaper, but you can’t apply for that, you have to be invited by OFCOM (maybe some lobbying here would be good).

And if you’re a business reading this, just think of all that coverage you can get, for a mere £100 to sponsor a programme and help keep us broadcasting, and more importantly providing the facilities for our presenters, young and old, to keep developing their skills, broadening their experiences and improving their confidence.  If your interested, drop me a line – [email protected]

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