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What a week – Severn FM goes from strength to Strength on 87.9FM

by Barry

What a week this has been in “Severn FM Land”.  we have been broadcasting for just over a week now and are a quarter of the way through our Broadcast period.  I think the best thing is where so many people have come forward and supported the station, be it in passing round the word and leaflets, to learning how to become a presenter and filling programme slots.  In whatever capacity, the idea of the community coming together to provide a local service is really happening.

From schools to Councils and a variety of community groups have already been able to tell the community what they are up to and how they contribute to our area.  This is something that we have not had before and I think having a vehicle to raise the awareness of groups is already having a positive effect.  But there is even stories behind the “simpler” music programmes, from The Vicar who has his techno trance show, to the folks who are just learning for the first time, everyone is learning new skills and building on the knowledge they currently have and putting it into a new context.

For myself, I am really enjoying being part of the Breakfast show with Andy Clarke and Caro Kingsnorth, we have a really good giggle in the mornings and hope that comes across to the listeners.  I have also been sitting in on other shows and helping out where I can.  I’m looking forward to my annual leave starting in a few days so I can try my hand at my own show and therefore be able to facilitate more people taking part.

With 3 weeks to go, there is a lot of scope for getting involved, either as an individual and volunteering your skills or if you have a business, you can advertise and support a local community project.

If you want to come and see what we have built and what we are doing, please do shout, I’m more than happy to show people what a community can do when they put their minds to it 🙂

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