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Westminster Priorities – Selective Opposition

by Barry

You have to wonder, in the current climate of Cuts, austerity, Public Services being stripped, pillaged and decimated, you would expect MPs in Westminster to take every moment on the floor of the house to steer our fragile ship through these murky waters, but it seems that some MPs are more concerned with the state of the Grog.

It seems that in Strangers Bar, there has been an Ale called “Top Totty”, with a provocative picture of a lady on the pump.  Now, if you were offended by such a thing, surely the right approach is to have a word with the manager of the bar, maybe even a quick note/letter to that effect.  Not so for Kate Green MP, she decided to use valuable House Sitting time to bring up the issue and get some action.

Being the Shadow Equalities Minister, I bet she thought she could get some cheap “getting the house in order” points, but personally I think she has made herself look rather foolish and petty.  In reality it is an exchange that took not more than a few minutes but as always timing is everything.  Labour had been struggling to provide effective opposition, and was just really starting to get some traction and now she has managed to divert the attention from the real issues and highlighted just how out of touch Westminster can be with the problems that are concerning people struggling to survive.


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