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What a week – and its only Tuesday

by Barry

I have been flat out over the past few days, what with an ill baby Leo and teying to help keep things in order in the house, then its been a bit crazy.

However, I had a great meeting with the local police as well as Project Solace to look at SARA plans for Kingsway and how Project Solace can help with ASB in the area.

I did a walk around the village to see how many streetlights were gone (a local Tory election promise gone sour, but just put it onthe list, along side out helth centre and the like), the downside was it was -7 degrees, good job I remembered my gloves.

I’ve also been talked into being a “dancing hula girl” in a Home Ed Panto next Sunday so we had a rehersal.  3 of us wearing grass skirts and dancing…will be …memorable?  If your unlucky enough, there will be pictures after Sunday.

Back to work today (yesterday was a day off) and quite productive all in all, so all good on that front.

Only 3 sleeps left of being 31………Really looking forward to Christmas now….

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