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What can the worst 2 leaders cobble together?

by Barry

Is the headline harsh, perhaps it is when you think that a leader is only as strong as their team, and quite frankly, when you have the two main parties that are so divided, how could we ever hope this was to be easy! And its not surprising that the representation in the commons is so divided when the country is too. However when we consider the situation we are in and the decisions that have to be made, what can we expect out of May and Corbyn. Will they actually have a proper discussion, will they come to a compromise, and will they but their compromise to the people?

Im guessing that it will either be a very short or a very long conversation. But I can’t see how it ends well. They both want Brexit, May because she wants to deliver it, despite being a Remainer, and Corbyn because he is a Brexiteer despite the Party policy of remain.

So, I think we will get one of two outcomes, either we get a lot of grandstanding and Corbyn cops the blame for a crash out, or we get a hashed together agreement, which will probably be presented to the Parliament, and then I would guess that it would be whipped by both sides.

That’s when the excitement really starts because each part of the deal will cause divisions. Most significantly will be the public vote. If its not part of the deal, then people will not vote for it on the left. It its not even mentioned then the left will fracture even more than it currently is. If the immigration and common market are part of the deal, then then ERG will kick off.

And who said politics was boring….

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