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What is “Left” and “Right” in terms of Politics

by Barry

Having just found Pinterest (or rather Amanda found it and I was trying to find out what was taking up so much of her time), there was a great picture of the political spectrum.


I think that this highlights that what makes up a political “colour” is not simplistic and I think many people who consider themselves “Red through and through” or “Blue all the way” will see that they have some characteristics from each side.  I certainly see that I identify with indicators on both sides.

While the graphic is obviously geared to the American System, I think it is a pretty thought provoking picture and my thanks to mkandlez on Flickr for allowing it to be shared.


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James July 8, 2011 - 6:25 am

To me, the spectrum represents the thousand shades of red and blue. In modern psychology, the parallel is represented by the ‘Will to Commune’ (the Left) and the ‘Will to Power’ (the Right). These reflect our values as people and our politics as voters.

One of the interesting things about US politics is how Democrat votes cluster towards the sea coasts (more outward looking, internationalist and multi-cultural) and the clustering of Republican votes in “middle America” (more inward looking, patriotic and mono-cultural).

In Britain, our red/blue clustering seems to be based largely on urban/rural lines. I also think our ‘shades’ change as we grow older but some of it is pre-determined by birth, upbringing, cultural identity and so forth. For some psychologists, the ‘script’ is written by the time we have reached five years of age.


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