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What to do with Javelin Park?

by Barry

The Local Paper, the Citizen, asked me what I think should happen to Javelin Park now that the PFI funding for the Incinerator has gone.

I thought this a really interesting question, since the County Council has sunk £7m into buying the land, we can not let it go to waste.

The problem is, that while access for J12 of the M5 is very good, it is rubbish for any community based things.  My immediate thoughts turned to a community park in Telford which I was really impressed with, but access would be an issue, needing bus and parking.  But we do have a “rubbish” issue to sort out and a “sorting facility” would help progress our target of reducing landfill.

I also know that many people (myself included) want allotments, and maybe part of the land could be used to provision some allotments.  Being so close to Blooms would be useful and I expect they would think it a good idea too. If we were a bit more joined up across Gloucestershire, this could solve a Cheltenham Problem too.

In the shorter term, it seems that Stan Waddington will not accept the decision and insists the Incinerator could still be on the cards, but unless he can come up with £90 odd million pounds, and explain why this wasn’t used to save jobs etc, then we need to look at the next steps.

Anyway, my response will be in the Citizen Tomorrow, or preview here. I wonder if they will consult a bit better on this than what they have done to date?


Update – The actual article printed today has encapsulated more of my answer.

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