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When is a Banker not a Banker?

by Barry
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I had largely given up writing about Mr Graham, he seems to mess up so often, I felt it was almost unfair to keep pointing it out, a bit like shooting fish in a barrel (which is an odd expression as I can’t say I have ever done it).  However I read a letter in the Citizen from friday from our MP, Richard Graham, in which he is responding to the accusation of being a banker, which I could not really believe!

He claims that he was not a banker before entering politics.  This chimed something in my head as I was sure I had read on his literature or somewhere that he was.

So, I had another look and found the following.  In the Telegraph he is profiled to be a Merchant Banker (the first words after his name), as well as a fund manager, and also head of International business at Barings.

The Times, in an article about Executive MPs, also says that he was a Merchant Banker.   Other sources also have him down as this too!

So, is Mr Graham just trying to get off on some sort of technicality?  As it seems he was a Merchant Banker for Barings  – I think someone doth protest too much!

He then follows that up by stating that the bankers are not to blame.  I think technically he is right, as it was the investment managers and loan managers who made sub prime loans and then got us all into trouble when they started defaulting.  Indeed, reading Wikipedia, the modern role of a Merchant bank like Barings “initiates loans and then sells them to investors”.

Why would he claim, so publicly not to be what he was?  Surely he has heard of Google?  Or are they all wrong and he should be asking for a public apology from all these sources for misrepresentation!




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