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Where did it all go wrong for Jeremy Hilton?

by Barry
Charles Kennedy, British politician and former...

He doesn't look impressed either - Image via Wikipedia

You have to feel sorry for Jeremy Hilton, he really is not getting the best of it at the moment.  He has a leader who has sold him out on many of his issues, he is perceived, locally, as being the best buddies with the local Tories, and now he has been slapped in the face by his own party in the election for the Liberal democrats Federal Executive.  He was one of the 45 candidates standing for 15 places and was kicked out in one of the early rounds (they use an AV system).  For a Parliamentary Candidate of some experience (of being a candidate), that’s got to be wrenching.

So, not only are Gloucester Lib Democrat voters turning away from him (I’d love to say they are all going Labours way, but it seems a mix to Labour and Tory), but his own party doesn’t like him either.

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