Why resign? Politicians are not gods!

Published On December 11, 2010 » 1391 Views» Politics
Stewart Stevenson visits Knockando Woolmill, Moray

Image by Scottish Government via Flickr

Stewart Stevenson, Scotland’s, now Ex, Transport minister has resigned over the handling of the Snow crisis.

But why?  The, weather was bad, but there was nothing he could do about that.  He did all he could, granted it wasn’t enough, but no one could have done any better under the circumstances?

Once weather gets below -8 then normal salting doesn’t work anyway and unless he could have turned up the temperature, then there was nothing more he could do.

Alex Salmond should not have accepted the resignation, he should have acknowledged the offer but rejected it.  They should have prioritised learning from the events, but resigning achieves nothing, even worse it means that someone new comes in and can make the same mistakes again.  So in fact the resignation could make future events in the short term comparatively worse.

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