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Wow – Council efficiency is unbelievable

by Barry

No matter how hard we try to recycle, we always seem to have slightly too much rubbish for the black bin (on our fortnightly rota).  I looked at the council website to see if they had any further suggestions and read that if you have a family of 5 or 2 in nappies then you can get a larger black bin.

Anyway, emailed them last night, and they sent me a form this morning to evaluate my needs.  I emailed it back and had a lovely lady ring me up telling me that they would issue us with a bigger bin.  Delivery would be within 10 days.  I was impressed, very quick determination of need and action.

Then my wife text me later to say that a bin had been delivered.  Now that is very good service indeed.  10 days, it was less than 10 hours, in fact less than 5.

So, big thumbs up to the council.  Well done.

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Catherine Mitchell August 11, 2010 - 3:44 pm

Ha lucky you – it took me a year and nagging councillors before the very nice bin man purloined one for me from somewhere else. Perhaps it was because I asked for both another black bin and, pushing it I know, another recycling bin. And yes, we do fill them.


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