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Writing for the Citizen (or the Citizen borrowing my Content ;-) )

by Barry
Gloucester Docks at Dusk

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The Citizen took an interest in my Blog post about thinking more outside the box when it comes to looking at what we can do for Gloucester.

They published it under the Saturday comment part of the Citizen and I was really interested to see what commentary would come online.

In the main there was really positive comment, certainly the comments on Kings Square were largely consistent, though it was highlighted that I had not mentioned the need to demolish the bus station and redo it which was a good point.

There is an interesting discussion to be had on the railway station, some saying that it should rebuild in the railway triangle to serve both lines, but another suggestion was for another station in Quedgeley, which was part of the Kingsway plan, though it was supposed to be a freight station, but a passenger station would be good (for me anyway).

Another point was to focus development on being a tourist destination rather than a “Cribbs” which I think is right.  Though I do believe we need to develop other industry too, we have a heritage that is so deep and absorbing that we need to shout it from the rooftops.

Another Kingsway resident does think that I should just concentrate on Kingsway and sort out the social misfits and rowdy families while cleaning up dog poo.

But what was great was to get people thinking, and more importantly, talking about what we do in Gloucester.  Its easy to mutter under your breath, but unless we all engage, and that is Councillors etc with the residents AND the residents with Councillors, and residents with residents, and all other combinations, we will never pull the city together as a community.  A few of the comments were about residents attitude, and I think they are right.  Its easy to see what others do and criticise, but we need to draw the community together to egt what we all want.

I really want to make sure people keep talking, making a 2 way conversation, not just being told what to do, and, importantly, that the conversations are productive., that we all engage and drive it froward, together!

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