This year – More blogging

Published On January 12, 2017 » 1905 Views» Carousel, Random

Last year I posted a miserly 2 blog posts.  Considering how rollercoaster last year was, I failed to record much of it.  I fell into my own trap of knowing that people were reading it and because I was doing elections and stuff, I didn’t blog very much.  There was a time issue too, with everything going on, then I didn’t feel I had time.  And blogs have pretty much gone out of vogue.   Well, in hindsight, I kinda forgot one of the main reasons for blogging in the first place, and that is to keep an online journal type thing that you can look back on.  And for the past 12 months, I have got nothing.  So, this year is going to be at least one post a month.

Lets see what happens 🙂


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