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New Year, New oppotunitites

by Barry

Its been an awfully long time since I have blogged, and that is mainly due to being incredibly busy and having gone through some huge but exciting changes in our lives, therefore I will give you a quick overview of what we are doing now,especially if you are wondering why you don’t see me in Gloucester anymore.

After the many and varied events of 2017, some very positive, some very negative, some amazing and some just plain nasty, we looked at what we were doing and what we wanted to achieve as a family, and what our opportunities were.  We always had plans to move to somewhere with a big garden, for those of you who visited us in the Noake in Hucclecote, this is what inspired us to what we could do, living a bit of the good life which chickens etc.

After an inspirational visit to Pembrey Country Park and the news that the Severn Bridge Toll was to be reduced and removed as realised that suddenly South Wales could provide an opportunity, one we had not considered before, and then a look at the house prices and what you could get for your money was somewhat of an eye opener.

I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations of what came as the quickest house purchase we have ever had, but everything fell into place, and as much to our surprise as anyone else we moved to a small mining village outside Llanelli, between Christmas and New Year.

So now, in February, we are unpacking boxes, and making our new house our home.  This isn’t helped by me working on a project through the week in Barrow-in-Furness, but we are making the most of things.

In terms of business, we now have two offices, we still want a presence in Gloucester, for a umber of reasons, not least because that is where it all started and there is still some exciting projects to be done, but we are establishing our new office in Llanelli, a fab new space that we are turning into our new Head Office (we are now an international company 😉 )

But what of politics?  We have moved to a fab Labour area, so I am looking forward to getting stuck in.  Many of you know that it is community politics that believe is the foundation of things and I think there are huge opportunities to get involved in our new local community.  A couple of weeks ago was our first community litter pick 🙂  So after the amazing opportunity to be a Parliamentary Candidate last year, and the awful experiences I had afterwards, then I feel I have learned a lot about myself and others that I will take with me.

So if you are in South Wales then do come and say hi, we will always have tea, coffee, cake, wine and/or beer, and a place to crash, you would be more that welcome.

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