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My New Year Resolutions

by Barry

Guess it’s that time of year where we have a think about what we want to achieve in the coming year.  I was contacted by a local reporter a couple of days ago asking what mine were and I really couldn’t think of a decent reply, but since then, I have mulled it over and here is what my resolutions are for 2013:

  1. Work Hard (keep the new business going through 2013)
  2. Fix the Garage Door! (Its been 12 months now, it needs done)
  3. Interior Decoration – top to bottom! (It may only be magnolia, but it will be nice)
  4. Have a pre-planned decent Holiday (its been a few years)
  5. Have more weekend camping trips (lots of fun in the Forest of Dean)
  6. Do more exercise (yes everyone says that, but I got to do it)
  7. Join a golf club (played a couple of rounds in 2012, and enjoyed it, now need to learn to do it properly)
  8. Blog at least once a week
  9. To think before saying Yes!

What else should be on this list?



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Chris December 31, 2012 - 10:42 am

Win an election


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