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Yesterday – Mostly up, a bit of down, with a Positive Finish

by Barry

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had a meeting with some of the Housing Associations about building communities in a sustainable way.  The focus of this will be to provide things like events to encourage Community Growth and Community cohesion all of which should drive down ASB, but ASB is not the only focus, I want it to drive the community forward as a whole.  Combining this with the community facilities we should see this year, it is exactly the right time and should be hugely positive for Kingsway.

I also has a meeting with Ian Mean, Editor in Chief of the Citizen about Kingsway and also Quedgeley as a whole and what can be done to highlight local issues and really make a difference.  I thought it was a very good meeting with some positive interaction and focus moving forward.  I had a tour of the news desks and finally got to put some faces to names.

Then an issue which has been bubbling around since the last KRA AGM hit a peak.  I haven’t blogged about it as I thought it was inappropriate with regard to the person involved, but he has posted about it on the Kingsway-villagers website, so I figure its public domain now.  Even so, I’m not really going to comment on it now, except to say that its very disappointing on a number of levels, (least of all my integrity being called into question).  Its not a problem for myself as such, I’m more than happy to stand by what has happened, but more the impact it will have on the morale/motivation of the rest of the committee.  It goes back to what I blogged about the other day in terms of volunteer organisations.

But the day ended on a nice note with Ian Mean tweeting the following late last night:

I agree with Ian 😉

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